Exclusive Member Benefits 

$100.00 discount on a B+C+S Audit from Bator Training & Consulting

  • The B+C+S Audit analyzes the strength and alignment of your Brand, Culture, and Strategy

Conference Discounts

  • Association members can take advantage of discounts from posted rates.

Discounts from My Board Packet

  • 25% discount.

Discounts on new websites offered by OMNICOMMANDER

  • As much as a 10% discount on website creation.

Discounts for Vero clients

  • 25% discount on annual POCUA membership

Promotion via social media and other avenues as a POCUA Police Credit Union to Law Enforcement and their families throughout the nation.

A video interview promoting your Police Credit Union to Law Enforcement.

POCUA Member Only Events and Video Meetings

  • While non-members are welcome to attend our annual conferences at non-member rates, almost all of our other events and video sessions throughout the year are only open to POCUA Police Credit Unions, police partners, and business partners exclusively.

Blue Angel Coffee

  • 5% discount on Blue Angel Coffee for your entire office.

Knowledge Pages


  • Only POCUA Police Credit Unions, Business Partners, and Police Partners are promoted via POCUA social media pages and all current and future POCUA marketing efforts.