"If you come to these conferences your credit union will be better."

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Michael Williamson, Former CEO
Greater Hartford Police Federal Credit Union
Hartford, CT

“My board members get excited about this conference every year. The first year we participated I brought one board member. The next year I brought another board member. This year we’re bringing two different board members because we think it’s just that worthwhile and we get so much out of it.”

Mary Johnson, President/CEO
Police FCU of Omaha
Omaha, NE

“The education and networking contacts that I gained were better at the Police Officers’ Credit Union Conference than any other credit union event I have attended this year. I gathered a lot more information than I had expected.”

Becky J. Landis, President/CEO
State Highway Patrol Federal Credit Union
Columbus, OH

“We have been involved with the Police Officers’ Credit Union Conference since its inception and have found that it provides tremendous value to us both as a networking and idea sharing forum and as avenue for us to continue to learn and develop our skills so that we can continue to provide the very best service possible for our very unique membership.”

Scott Arney, CEO
Chicago Patrolmen’s Federal Credit Union Chicago, IL

“Police Credit Union Conferences are such a great way to explore different issues and opportunities that we are faced with in our unique group of members. It has been very beneficial to our institution to participate and share with other credit unions that have this common bond. Whether we are small or large we can all learn from one another. This is one conference I strive to attend each year!”

Regina Williams, Former President/CEO
Fraternal Order of Police Credit Union,
Tulsa, OK

"Thank you for your kind hospitality during our conference. As always, I found the topics timely and informative. The Vining Sparks presentation brought forth ideas that we may be using while investing Credit Union funds. Of course the networking opportunities the conference offers are invaluable. I’ve come to rely on our group for innovate ideas, inspiration, and motivation."

Rene Matsuura, President/CEO
Hawaii Law Enforcement Federal Credit Union
Honolulu, HI

“Our staff and board of directors found last year’s conference an enjoyable learning and networking experience. I am confident that this year will be as equally rewarding for those of us in the credit union industry who serve the law enforcement community. We owe it to our members, the law enforcement officer and their families, to seek out contemporary financial solutions that help them secure their families and achieve their dreams. It is the least we can do for them in exchange for the sacrifices they make for us and our communities. Let’s hope other credit union executives find time to join us this year and share with us their ideas for delivering the types of services that distinguish them from their peer credit unions.”

D.C. Gregg, Board Chairperson
Police Federal Credit Union
Washington, DC