About Police Officers' Credit Union Association

When we introduced the first Police Officers' Credit Union Conference in 2004, our original intent was to create an association. The first goal was to build our audience for the conference. Once we reached a critical mass in attendance our plan was to build an association.

We felt we had that critical mass in 2008 with the support we received during the 5th Annual Police Officers' Credit Union Conference, as we had significantly increased our attendance each year. Then shortly after the event the financial crisis hit, quickly hurling us into the worst economic conditions since the Great Depression. The turnout for our events from 2009 to 2011 diminished greatly as all credit unions, those serving law enforcement included, concentrated on survival.

The years since 2011 have brought an increase in support with each conference. More important, the new normal of thin margins, increased regulatory compliance, and fierce competition for business has brought about a greater need for an association. That need is for true collaboration among Police Credit Unions. The purpose of the Police Officers' Credit Union Association is to not simply provide a forum for networking and the share of ideas but also to create avenues for true collaboration where financial institutions serving law enforcement can develop revenue-generating and cost-saving programs. In 2018 the POCUA continued its evolution to adopt the Soundness Initiative and begun our Police Partner program for 501c3 organizations serving law enforcement. Today, in addition to our objective of providing a forum for networking and collaboration, we are also committed to the following:

  • To provide a clear and consistent voice in support of law enforcement throughout the country

  • To actively drive more business to all POCUA members and business partners 

To become a member of the POCUA or for more information go to our Contact Us page.